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>> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news tonight. >> a community pulls together as a family remains hopeful for the safe return of the missing seven-month old baby. the search continues for ki'yauhn birch and jonae boozer , the 16-year-old girl who had been taken care of him. they were last seen in the 1100 block of lyndhurst street. 11 news reporter joins us live from city police headquarters. sheldon? >> there are questions of a few people, but no persons have been
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named. police do not expect foul play. >> nobody has senior. >> more than two days after her boy was last seen, no one can explain his disappearance. the seven-month old job was last seen with this girl, 16-year-old jonae boozer. >> nobody knows nothing. >> surrounded by love once, she reapraise for her son's safe return. >> people need to tell it like it is. >> city police were questioning the father about his son's disappearance. >> please keep getting on my
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nerves, but i keep telling them the same thing. >> berge left him with boozer, a teenager when he barely knew. >> i told her i would be back in a little while. she just took him. >> this young lady has a unique look tumor. a blond mohawk, piercing iin her eyebrow, her lip, she cannot be that hard to find. >> there is still no sign of the girl or the baby. but the guardian angels are stepping in to help. >> we can step in with the neighborhood and we can contact chapel's across the nation. >> [unintelligible]
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i'm not worried about her. _ about my son. all i want is my son. -- i am just worried about my son. all i want is my son. >> there was no amber color because there was no vehicle description and also because the baby was left in boozer's care. she may be in prince george's county or montgomery county. if you have any information about their whereabouts, please call baltimore city police. >> thank you. a pasadena man is dead after a motorcycle accident in glen burnie. anne arundel county police say you was traveling along nats kreag road around 7:00 p.m. tonight -- last night when he was trying to avoid a collision with another vehicle. he died at the scene. investigators believe alcohol and speed may be factors.
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durran 40 am this morning near chapel dail and stansfield roads, a shooting. both victims were taken with not like that the injuries to the hospital. it is unclear what led to this ins -- non-life threatening injuries to the hospital. it is unclear what led to this incident. a fire at connecticut ave. one woman inside was built -- alerted by a smoke detector. investigators have yet to determine what started the fire. and fire officials are still trying to figure out what sparked a four-alarm fire at a manufacturing company. it brought around 5:30 a.m. saturday morning at koffman products manufacturing company. paper, machinery, and other materials are stored in the warehouse. witnesses describe what firefighters had to face. >> there were a lot of flames coming up out of the windows on the side of the building.
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big puffs of smoke. there was a lot of coughing -- popping and there was a boom. >> [unintelligible] >> one firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion. no other injuries were reported another day of code red heat. perhaps others are getting used to it. whether it was a water taxi at the in a heartbeat -- inner harbor, or finding a shaded area, people were out. john cullins will join us later with word on when the heat wave may break. the topic of same-sex marriage is heating in maryland. gov. martin o'malley says he plans to make a marriage a legislative priority during the next general assembly. under the governor's plan, same- sex couples would have the same legal rights as their heterosexual counterparts. they will have equal protection
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under the law while experiencing religious freedom. that is not sitting well with certain clergy members. >> we're not opposing any personal or individual. my position is not to oppose. my position is to defend. and my position is to defend traditional marriage. >> the governor hopes to shape the maryland legislation similar to the new law that took effect today in new york. and new york became the sixth and largest state to legalize same-sex marriage today. >> i now pronounce you married. you raise your vows with a kiss. >> at 12 01 a.m., these two grandmothers' became the first legally wed same-sex couples in the state. hundreds of couples lined up in the big apple today to tie the knot. >> hundreds of couples made history today at city clerk
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offices in new york city, saying i do on the first day same-sex marriage became legal in new york state. >> by the laws of the state of new york, now plans to marry. >> all around the city and state, couples lined up and waited hours to get a marriage license. before making it official. >> it feels great that finally new york is recognizing our relationship and we can be on a record as being a family. >> the first wedding for the state started just after midnight. at niagara falls, khiel lambert and cheryl ladd, who have five children and 12 grandchildren could not believe there moment had finally arrived. >> i kept thinking there should be something more that i have to do to get here. i keep thinking that' it is not real. >> back in new york city, only a
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handful of protesters objected. outnumbered by supporters, and the couple's determined to enjoy their day. tv 11 news. >> and the town clerk in granby, new york has resigned because of the new same-sex marriage law. ruth sheldon cited her religious convictions and resign because she did not want to sign same- sex marriages -- marriage licenses. >> my conscience would be going against my fate. >> it is already monday morning in asia where early results from financial markets showed no major swings. fears of a-overseas reaction charts -- touched off a flurry of activity -- fears of a bad reaction overseas it touched off newlurry of activity in th
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york. >> the nation's lawmakers are scrambling to find a way to raise the nation's debt limit. >> it is physically but -- impossible to do all of this in one step. >> john vader challenged president obama to make good on his deal. >> in must be -- >> without a limit, the nation heads its default in nine days. >> you do not want politics messing around with america's credit. >> and each side accused the other of playing politics. >> i know the president is worried about his next election. but my god, should we be worried about the country? >> the speaker says he and his party are will moving ahead. senate democrats said their
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working on a plan of their own. it is a duel between two bills. >> both parties are expected to unveil emergency fallback plan as early as tomorrow. gas prices creeping up again. the latest sticker shock at the pumps. customers two after one of the hottest days of the summer. we will explain. >> every new class coming out of the academy will see this damaged ibm -- damaged wywbeam and be reminded. >> they will be reminded of the 9/11 terror attacks. still mourning the loss of more than 100 people after the twin terror attacks there. tonight, why the suspects as he pulled the trigger. >> why there will not be so much of a cool down as they move away
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>> gas prices on the rise once again. according to a national survey, the price has gone up 8 cents per gallon in the last two weeks. experts credit a similar rise in crude oil for the increase. the average price is $3.71. according to aaa, the average price in maryland is $3.70, up two cents from last week. a transformer problem triggered the first emergency in four years, prompting complaints from
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customers. the six-hour event friday reduced peak energy demand and helped produce brownouts and rolling blackouts. some complained they were without air conditioning for up to 10 hours as their homes reached 90 degrees. >> we certainly understand that some of the customers impacted by the event on friday were frustrated. there were some challenges in some cases of reaching a call center rep. we beefed up our staffing over the weekend. we will reach out to these customers and make sure they understand the program. maybe they want to drop down a level of their at the 100% level. >> the utilities as some participants may have had other problems that keep their conditioners off longer. the reward program allows the utility to turn off participants heating and air-conditioning units went demand is highest. in exchange, participants say $50 to $100 per year.
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-- save $50 to $100 per year. the grand prix reece rate cuts to the heart of downtown, mean ing bus routes will be route -- rerouted. >> we're looking at two dozen or so of our local and commuter bus routes being affected. we will also have our light rail impacted. we will begin putting diversions in place august 29 that will affect a bunch of local bus routes. we will have a shuttle bus downtown to help people bridge the gap. >> the baltimore grand prix is set for labor day weekend. for more on the mta of routes and schedules, go to our website in two months, america will come together to market a decade since 9/11. today, people from the world trade center became a part of -- came together to watch a part of
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the world trade center become a memorial. >> a section of the i beam from the world trade center arrived. it was brought here by new york firefighters who will accompany the two-ton piece of metal with all of the heaviness it carries on its own. >> every new class coming out of the academy will see this damaged i beam and be reminded of their seriousness of commitment. >> it will become part of the memorial at the academy. >> the point of our memorial, we will put his helmet in the memorial and we will put this in the right at exactly what this means, that new york is open for business. >> more than 43 firefighters died on 9/11, a staggering loss of public service.
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and a reminder that life can change in an instant. rex the ground attacks in norway over the weekend reminded us that we continue to be rigid -- we need to view to be vigilant. >> the 9/11 memorial will be dedicated on september 11 and open to the public the next day. the nation of norway is still in shock as the nation reels from friday's terror attacks. bodies were transported to the mainland by a vote today. in the meantime, victims were recovering at area hospitals. -- by boat today. in the meantime, victims were recovering at area hospitals. >> it will take some time to get a handle on and then we can slowly start to move on. >> police say the 32-year-old norwegian has confessed to the bombing that left 93 dead. -- the bombing and shooting that left 93 dead.
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he and his father had been out of contact for years. he is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. >> now the forecast with john collins. >> there is a widely scattered thunderstorms activity today, a lot of it on the eastern shore where they got strong storms at times. especially up in new jersey, not exactly the eastern shore. but it was intended to be along the beach areas, or at least fairly close to the closed. we have little thundershower right now. a cluster of storms moving toward lancaster in pennsylvania. it might just hold together and move down interstate 3 and coming to the baltimore area later tonight. if it holds together, you may your symbols of thunder and maybe a shot of rain over the next couple of hours. the rain has been pretty scattered. temperatures were on the hot
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side. we did not make it to 100 officially. the airport only needed to 98, but the humidity made it feel like 105. the typical is 88. the record is 101. it needed to 100 in the inner harbor. the los r.n. 80's. -- are in the 80's. by morning we should see the 70's in the area. that is still pretty mild, but a lot cooler than we have seen in the past few days. areas that had 100 today, the small area of north carolina right along the piedmont -- we did not have a large area along the eastern seaboard today. the area has been shrinking. in the plains states, texas, oklahoma, kansas, and that area is smaller than the past few days. and the usual 100's that we see in the desert southwest. temperatures right now, annapolis, 82. 75 at cambridge at least in.
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-- seney 5 at cambridge. at easton, light showers. at oakland, down to 70 right now. they may even get into the 60's overnight. a lot of clouds in the area. the big rainmakers are down to the south and out to the west. that is where the bigger thunderstorm activity is. in front to the north is trying to push down. that activity is moving on to lancaster right now. it will try to push south. it probably will not come all the way in. it is out to the west. this front will come in later in the day on monday still a chance of a scattered storms or to a vote tonight. 74-79 for the overnight low. and then tomorrow night, -- tomorrow, 90 degrees or so. southeast winds 5-10 knots.
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'88 amar, 90 on tuesday, 90 on wednesday. after wednesday, we should dry out and the humidity goes away. temperatures around 90. it will not feel that that. >> a lot going on. >> a break in the weather and a break in the negotiations.
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>> a working weekend for
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negotiators and the players association. it has finally put the nfl lockout within days of its official and. the players has reportedly reached an agreement with owners on all final issues. it is a 10-year labor deal. tomorrow, their representative -- the representative will meet with the players and the executives in washington d.c. to reach a deal. if they vote to accept the deal, and abizaithat is an ass, they l still have to finish out the vote -- and that is and if, they will still have to finish out the week. >> we have seen this before. a quality start, right now from. -- rotten outcome. he gave up two hits. this grounder bounces over the outstretched hands of the first baseman.
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three-nothing angels. adam jones falls a rounder in the sixth with this shot. this game got away in the eight. he gave up five runs on two runs. -- two home runs. it was a 9-3 loss. y.duction dat he completes a resume that had five decades in the game and three world series rings. he went into the hall as a blue jay, but to get all of his jeans and towns on his way to cooperstown. >> to the baltimore orioles where i had great moments, we have a good team and fans. thank you. to the cleveland indians, where i have the chance to live one of thmy dreams come into play withy best friend and my big brother,
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sandy. >> even though the world championships started with only a bronze for michael phelps, the king of metals is settles -- satisfied with progress toward the 2012 games. phelps will swim in seven events, including three relays. but his focus will lorraine legg summer in london. -- will remain next summer in london. >> i actually feel like i have confidence. i actually -- last year, i do not think anyone to think -- i do not think i knew what to think. >> the australian cyclist kent l. evans both made history and left everyone reflecting on history by completing his wing of the tour de france today, becoming the first australian ever.
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he finished second in 2007 and in 2000888 race entry -- and in 2008. in the trees and tree cost him last year. a world football challenge is the gaffe of the weekend. look at that shot. he had a clear shot on goal and triet -- had to back it and missed the goal by 4 feet. his coach promptly pulled him out of the game. and as you can see, was not really thrilled with the star player. and to complete his ascension to worldwide backdrop, did not even return to the field with his team after halftime. that is when you know you have an attitude problem on your team. >> that is trouble. >> back with the seven-day forecast.
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